From some time in mid January, there will be a major upgrade to the Job Families/Titles and Org Focus sections of the Birkman Report included in your hoozyu package.

The existing version of Job Families / Titles (and from which Org Focus was derived) used tenure as a proxy for job fit. In other words, if you had been in the role for 5 years or more, it was assumed that you were a good fit. The research team at Birkman have now revamped the entire database, using a new process which includes a well-validated job satisfaction instrument, and which refers to a person’s LAST job, not the current one (because people may be less open about satisfaction in current role).

The upshot of this is that the new version of Job Families / Titles has even higher predictive power of satisfaction in role. The Organization Focus derived from these scores has also been enhanced. We expect most people to find that their scores are similar but even more accurate than previously. If you would like the updated version of your report, please contact us from Feb 2012 onwards.