The 3rd part of our ‘Areas of Interest’ Series focuses on Literary scores.

Your Literary score is not about whether you like to read. You may enjoy activities that involve reading, writing or word-play, but more fundamentally you probably care a lot about words, and using the correct ones to convey abstract ideas clearly and concisely.

Some examples of how this might play out in real life:

  • You may spend a lot of time even on short emails or text messages to ensure you have really expressed what you intended to (and may hate using txt abbrvtns)
  • If you work in accounts/ finance or IT, you will be particularly concerned about avoiding or explaining jargon when writing reports or communicating with other parts of the organisation
  • If involved in a sports club or other society, you will probably end up editing the newsletter (to avoid the pain of reading other people’s mangled sentences)

If, on the other hand, your Literary score is low, you may still enjoy reading, but it won’t be so much about the meaning, or love, of the words. You’d probably prefer to avoid tasks like editing or proof-reading documents or preparing long speeches.

Those with a high Literary score may enjoy:

  • Writing a blog
  • Doing a daily cryptic crossword on the way to school or work
  • Public speaking or debating


Illustrated by Claire