My wife and I went for our first art sketch at the National Museum of Singapore. The museum had organized art tours with practicing artists, as part of their exhibition called “The Princely Treasures from the House of Liechtenstein“.

Right from the meeting point, where we collected our drawing materials, I got really excited! It has been more than a decade since I attended an art class, and I was looking forward to it. It was meant to be my birthday outing with my wife. Before we entered the gallery, my wife shared apprehensively that she wouldn’t know how to start. I reassured her and I told her to have fun and to enjoy the process.Well, I was definitely there to enjoy myself.

Artist, Namiko Chan Takahashi was our guide for the day. After getting everyone to introduce themselves, she asked us, “Why do we sketch?” She later explained that besides improving a person’s skill in drawing, it also sharpens one’s observational abilities.

We were given about 1 hour to sketch 5 paintings. After each sketch, we were to gather and to pick up tips on how to improve our sketches. Even though I had some training in art, I learnt so much during that short session with the tips shared from Namiko.

I also noticed how my wife’s high Artistic scores from her hoozyu report, played out for her during our trip to the museum. Even though she was apprehensive at first, I was really impressed with how she picked up the drawing tips and executed them on paper in that short time. There was such a huge difference between her first and last sketch. What was even more gratifying for me, was that even though we were standing the whole time, we did not feel tired at all! It felt that we could just go on and on…

So for those of you with high Artistic scores, don’t just bring a camera to take snaps at the museum. Bring a sketchbook and drawing materials, and draw what you see. Your sketches don’t have to look like masterpieces, but it’s a great way to see the details that we often gloss over. Try it!