If you go to the Organisational Focus section of your In-Depth Report, or look at the section titled Your Focus on your one-page Printable Summary, you should see that you have a coloured bar (or possibly two) with a description of the kind of tasks you are likely to be most energised by.

Your Focus is all about the specific kinds of tasks you want to be spending most of your time doing, and the approach you are likely to take when working on a task. i.e. Are you focusing on the practical aspects? The strategy and design? The correct process? Or the interactions involved?

Here’s a description for each of the 4 colours:

RED Focus - Tasks which involve production, execution, technology and operations.

YELLOW Focus - Tasks which involve systems, data, order and analysis.

GREEN Focus - Tasks which involve interaction with people, motivation, communication & ‘selling’.

BLUE Focus - Tasks which involve strategy, innovation, design and ideation.

These scores tell us something slightly different to your Interest scores - so don’t worry if the colour of your Focus bar is not the same as your Asterisk or highest individual Interest scores (this is generally the case for around 30-40% of the population). Those Focus and Interest scores are not contradicting each other, simply giving you a more detailed understanding of your motivations.

For example, your top Interests may all be Red, but if your Focus is Blue, this tells us that you are likely to be someone who really wants to be spending most of their time strategising, planning, designing and innovating - not just practical Red ‘doing’.

You still want opportunities to get hands-on (Mechanical), be outdoors (Outdoors) and understand how things work (Scientific), but the way you interact with these Interests may be much more reflective and strategy-centred than someone with both Red Interests and Red Focus. …Make sense?

Equally, although you are likely to be more innovative and design-focused (in the broadest sense of ‘design’ - i.e. not necessarily visual design) in your approach, you may not be motivated by Blue Interests.

You can have Blue Focus and still find working with visuals (Artistic), words (Literary), and sound (Musical) completely draining or uninteresting. For you the ‘design’, innovation and strategy aspects of the way you work are all motivated by finding better ways of doing practical / outdoor tasks or activities, finding better ways to make things work, developing better ways of putting things together… in other words applying a Blue focus to Red activities!

When you understand, and can intentionally engage, your focus you’ll find you are able to achieve a whole new level of positive and productive work or activity.

For me, understanding that I am fundamentally driven by a desire to develop better ways of doing things, changed my whole perspective. I understood more fully the frustrations and motivations I felt in different areas. I understood why for me ‘good enough’ was rarely good enough and why I delighted in taking things that were just ‘okay’ and finding ways to make them better, clearer and more thoughtfully designed.

What fundamental drive do you have, that you may have been missing? Are you like me? Or is life for you all about ‘creating better order and systems’ so that we can learn from past data and experiences? Maybe for you it’s all about ‘enabling positive interactions’ or simply ‘getting stuff built’. Each of these is an equally valid and powerful motivation that can drive you to new levels of productivity and success.

It’s all about engaging your Focus. How might you leverage your own approach and perspective to help you achieve more?