Over the next few weeks we’ll be running a series of posts on your hoozyu and Birkman ‘Areas of Interest’. We’ll be refreshing your memory of each of the 10 areas, but look out in particular for your top 3 areas for a fresh insight into what motivates and interests you the most, and activities you could do in those areas to help energize yourself.

Just remember: Interests are not Skills!

These ‘Areas of Interest’ scores are not a measure of your skills. Skill often follows motivation (because you are more motivated to acquire those skills), so for example many people with a high Numerical score will be motivated to acquire skills in arithmetic and numerical analysis. However, you can definitely find people with a Numerical 99 score who can’t count and others with a Numerical 1 score who can count.

So dig out your hoozyu report and look at your ‘Areas of Interest’ again.

First up: What’s your Artistic score?