I am running Birkman Certification this week (class are just doing an exercise, so this will be quick!), but there was an interesting discussion yesterday around Motivation (the Areas of Interest part of your Birkman Report).

“All very well having a high Artistic or high Musical score, but not many people are going to be able to make a living at that.”

Absolutely! There aren’t many (any) people I can think of whom I have advised to pursue a career in Music simply because they had a high Musical score. I can think of some who have found the affirmation of their high interest (need to be involved) in music has freed them up to pursue a sustainable career. And as ever, remember that Interest scores do not say anything about skill or the lack thereof.

But the other thing to bear in mind is that these scores do have career applicability. Here is a non-exhaustive list:

High Musical – may be wired to spot patterns in data, may enjoy treating public or business presentations as a performance

High Artistic – visual impact matters; form and function need to work hand in hand. (Anyone thinking of Steve Jobs?)

High Literary – words and ideas matter; cut the gobbledygook, express difficult ideas with maximum clarity.

Time to go, and will return to this, but don’t look at high Artistic and Musical as “it is the circus for me or nothing” – unless that is really what you want!