I talked in a previous post about how your hoozyu can: help you to know your ‘best thing’, help you discover that you have more life / career options than you realised, and help you to recognise and learn how to manage your stress reactions.

In this post I want to talk a little more about understanding and pursuing your ‘best thing’…

I mentioned previously, the story of a young man who did his hoozyu and found he had a really high artistic score, and then brought his huge portfolio of sketches and illustrations to show us. He was encouraged by the affirmation and confirmation hoozyu provided, about something he had been putting time and effort into, but which he hadn’t had the confidence to share with others.

Possibly you are like that: you know what you love and you just do it. Perhaps it’s art, working out problems, puzzles, finances, researching things, selling stuff online, fixing things, caring for others, music, writing, sport or something else. Maybe you think it’s no big deal and you haven’t let anyone know how much you enjoy it. You may even think you are not very good at it compared to others.

In my experience we are not always the best judge of how good we are at something! Occasionally we may overestimate our ‘talent’, but we are probably more likely to underestimate it!

Because of this tendency we don’t always consider how our ‘best thing’ might guide us in a direction that will be engaging and satisfying for us in the long term. Remember, if you are excited and enthusiastic about something, you probably have the motivation and determination to get really good at it if you apply yourself!

Take a few moments to reflect on the things you enjoy spending time on, have enthusiasm for, and put effort into - then ask yourself why you love those things.

This will give you a good clue to the activities and roles that are going to be most satisfying and sustainable for you.

It may be different to the school subjects you have scored best in. It may take some courage to take responsibility for setting your own direction, as opposed to doing what your friends do, or letting others make your decisions for you… But with the help of your hoozyu you can have more confidence about what really matters to you and what activities / passions you want to pursue in life.

My own example is that I always loved the outdoors, enjoyed both physical and human geography, and reading articles about environmental issues; watching documentaries about our planet and learning about plants and animals. My hoozyu showed me that I have a very high Scientific score, and it made so much sense to me. All my seemingly unrelated interests were all scientifically based! I want, and even need, to understand why things are as they are, and explore different solutions to problems. Now, I deliberately engage more with these things that interest me, knowing that I will feel refreshed and enthusiastic as I do.