I was sat in the dentist’s chair unable to speak while I waited for my mould to set.

The dentist was speaking to his new dental assistant. It was the assistant’s first day and they had just stepped into the room to observe - I was perhaps the first real client they’d seen!

‘Do you bake?’ asked my dentist. ‘Uh, yes’, the assistant replied, clearly puzzled. ‘Well if you bake you’ll be fine because this is just the same’ replied the dentist. He continued, ’Just like you get all the ingredients ready, you just do the same here, get everything ready and it will all go smoothly, it’s all about the preparation!’

This set me thinking about the nature of jobs. When we hear the name of a job or role what do we picture, or think it all’s about?

‘Dental Assistant (or Technician or Nurse)’ made me picture - scared patients, mouths full of assorted teeth, peoples breath, pain, painful noises, metal instruments, x-rays… certainly not baking!

My dentist painted me a completely different picture of a dental technician and what the role is actually all about. A key part of the role is to prepare everything for, and then support, the dentists as they conduct examinations and treatment. You need to be thorough, accurate, respond quickly, stay focused, build an understanding of how each dentist likes to do things and how she/he needs you to support them. I also learnt you need strong hands and wrists to mix the cements!

So, as you consider your list of hoozyu job families and titles don’t be too quick to dismiss some of the options presented! It’s worth stopping and finding out what the job or role is really like.

Here’s 3 suggestions for how to do that for any job or role you want to know more about:

  • Click on any hoozyu job link and you’ll find more information about that job.
  • Try to find someone who does or knows about that job and ask some questions such as: What do you do all day? What do you like most and least about this job? What is the most challenging thing you have to do? What kind of person do you think is best suited to this job?
  • Google ‘a day in the life of a ___’ and you will find some great videos and interviews by real people who do that job.

Happy exploring!