If you’re going to be spending a lot of time amidst gatherings of family and friends over the holidays, reflect on whether this works well for you or leaves you feeling exhausted and irritable.

If the latter, what might you need to do to manage yourself? What specific element/s of this group dynamic do you struggle with? Can you think how your hoozyu could help you with this?

If all your markers are low down on the Grid you may find hectic group interactions pretty wearing, and will reach a point where you just want to retreat and have some downtime - a lot sooner than your top-of-the-grid friends and family!

If that sounds like you, you may need to find a way to take little breathers - step outside for a few minutes, excuse yourself, or offer to run any errands that arise! Sometimes just a few minutes away from the intensity of those group interactions can be enough to get you energised once again, but it’s also a good idea to make sure you plan some quiet space for yourself too!

Do something that you enjoy and that you know has a restorative effect; for you that might be:

  • crashing on your bed listening to your favourite playlist
  • taking a walk (by yourself, or with someone you can be companionably quiet with)
  • doing something creative or hands-on
  • tidying up and putting things back in proper order

…whatever you do to have quiet uninterrupted space in your own head for a while!

Making sure you are getting what you need is an important part of self-management, so if you recognise that you’re someone who gets easily run down and ‘overcooked’ - particularly during the busy family season - pay attention to that feeling.

You’ll find it much easier to enjoy the holidays - and your family! - if you’re not struggling with the stress caused by a lack of downtime and space to think!