Part 2 of our ‘Areas of Interest’ Series takes a look at your Clerical score.

Your Clerical score reflects how much you enjoy working with information and administration systems, and keeping things in order. You probably care about things working in a predictable way, and find it hard to work in a messy environment.

Some examples of how this might play out in real life:

  • If you are a sales person, you will have a weekly plan for your sales calls – and record the results of each one
  • If you have a collection of CDs or DVDs, you will have them arranged in a meaningful order (and probably check from time to time that they are all in the correct cases)
  • If you are involved in a sports club or other society, you probably play a role in maintaining membership records and – when not on the field – you may volunteer to do the scoring (on the field you may be keeping the score – and various other stats – in your head!)

On the other hand, if your Clerical score is low, although you may appreciate the importance of having systems, following them will be much less important to you. You don’t have to do things by following the same 17-step process every time! You probably won’t enjoy keeping records, or feel the need to allocate strict sections of time in your diary to your daily tasks.

Those with a high Clerical score may enjoy:

  • Collecting (anything! – butterflies, postcards, vinyls)
  • Researching your family tree
  • Doing the admin for your sports club


Illustrated by Claire