Part 1 of our ‘Areas of Interest Series’ focuses on your Artistic score.

Your Artistic score is about the importance of how things look, not whether you like, or are able, to paint and draw. Saying that, if this is a high score for you, you may well spend time in creative activities (painting, drawing etc). More fundamentally, you are likely to really care about the visual impact of things.

Some examples of how this might play out in real life:

  • If you’re an accountant, you won’t just print a spreadsheet and hand it over; instead will make sure the fonts are right, the colours are right and that the spreadsheet is properly aligned to the page.
  • If you’re cooking, you will spend as much time on visual appearance as on taste – you can’t just drop the food on the plate any old how!
  • If you’re writing an envelope and have to cross something out, you’re more likely to throw the envelope away and start again than allow something that looks wrong to go out.

On the other hand, if your Artistic score is really low, you’ll probably find the above examples a bit alien. You’ll be more interested in function rather than form – You’ll ask “Does it work?”, not “Does it look good?”

Those with a high Artistic score might enjoy:

  • Visiting art galleries (Just make sure there’s plenty of coffee breaks for your low-artistic score friends!)
  • Going to the theatre, the ballet or the cinema
  • Taking up photography or learning to draw or paint


Illustrations by Claire