During our meeting this morning, the Boss said something sagely that caught my attention.

“Always be aware of what you say, because you never know when people are actually listening to you.”

It has been exactly six-months since I started work with Elaura, and I have talked to many people. I have spoken to individuals, groups, some young, some not-so-young, family members, strangers, online friends… Through all these conversations, I believe that every moment that I had spent with each of them WILL make a difference someday. In fact, the idea of somebody remembering what I said to them a few years later, is already such a humbling and fulfilling thought!

Last week, Deborah (our intern from France) and I issued ourselves a little challenge. We will be taking turns each day, to write about our hoozyu experience, our youthful insights into the working world, and about the quirky things we’ve observed in our everyday life. We hope that you will enjoy following our daily blogs and we invite you to share what we say with your friends. We value your comments as well, so tweet your comments with the hoozyu hashtag – #hoozyu.

Until the next post!