The end of the year is traditionally the time for talking about what the next year might bring. As it happens, there is quiet a lot coming down the road for hoozyu.

Up until now, hoozyu has run as a project that we care a lot about but haven’t been able to devote any resources to. It’s what the Elaura team do when they aren’t doing their day job. That is all about to change. By February we will have the nucleus of a dedicated hoozyu team based here in Singapore. We also (since December) have our first few hoozyu facilitators in UK, France and India, with China following soon.

Four key areas of development once we have that team in place:

  1. The hoozyu product itself. We want this to be even more relevant and usable. That mean focussing the content for what you, our end users, most value; it also means we are on the right platforms. We already have a mobile app, a facebook app, a desktop app and a linkedin plugin as well as the workbook and the basic report, not to mention this blog and a Twitter feed; but we need to get this down to a single delivery package.

  2. Embedding hoozyu in education. The new team will be spending a lot of time getting hoozyu into schools, colleges and universities, in Singapore and beyond. One of the reasons we started this project was extreme distress at the poverty of help we saw (in UK, Singapore, Australia, NZ and everywhere else we have looked) for young people in education when it came to anything that would help them (you) understand themselves, let alone make sustainable decisions about courses and career options.

  3. Training hoozyu facilitators. We have a well-established business training consultants in the use of the Birkman Method, the core tool at the heart of hoozyu. In 2013 we are shifting focus to training tailored to those who need to facilitate hoozyu for groups and individuals.

  4. Getting the Corporate world engaged in hoozyu. This has been our ambition since the beginning, but a 2011 article in HBR by Michael Porter and Mark Kramer on Creating Shared Value gave us a boost (and a framework). We are deliberately building hoozyu as a framework that allows Corporate Partners to invest directly in helping young people to discover and develop their talent BEFORE they enter the workforce. Part of our plan involves giving hoozyu users the opportunity to opt into a pool from which our Corporate Partners can select potential interns, Graduate Programme candidates and so on – using, of course, hoozyu data. That means a great likelihood of getting offers that actually match your talent.

So – busy year ahead for us all. We look forward to serving you and yours in 2013 🙂

Jon, for the hoozyu Team